Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm bacccck to Blogging

I've managed to get a lot done and feel less stressful. Every box (and there were many) bag, room, and closet at the home house have been emptied as well as my head. I still need to clear the garage though. I admit there have been some scary moments and please excuse me for leaving so quickly.  I have a book that I have been working on that I am  excited about.  And also  been contemplating my future at this stage of my life. I really enjoy blogging and sharing my art and thank you very much.

Following are some crafty pictures

KRAFT-TEX,  My wonderful new crafting item . Described as a combination of leather and fabric. 

The label says you can sew, stamp, draw, print and wash it.  You may check out this great video for product ideas.


 Finished the tea towel quilt that I blogged about here   It's hanging on the kitchen wall.

Tea towel quilt

 Continue to work on replenishing my Etsy shop

A new item,  Reversible Café Apron with hanging dish towel.

Donated lots of things to Mr. J who set- up and coordinated my first and most likely the only yard sale I will ever do.


Have a wonderful Merry May. I am linking this post up with at Freemotion  by the River

Peace, love, and art,



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