Monday, June 04, 2012

Come Out and Play

"Say, say, oh playmate, Come out and play with me. And bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree".

 This clap happy song from the movie "Grandpa's Magical Toy's" stills brings joy to my heart.

And picking the  dandelions  was fun too.  We would blow on the dandelion balls. If you caught one you could make a wish . Back in the day it was the only flower we could pick without getting into trouble!!

And remember the knock on the door asking if you could come out and play?  I haven't heard that in awhile. But it's time to answer the door because fun is calling.  My cousin Carrolyn is coming to visit.  And what do I say?  It's time to come out and play.

Peace, love, and art,


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