Thursday, August 28, 2014

My10 Quilty Secrets

10 quilty secrets
Amy , the blogger at 13 spools   did a post on 10 Quilt Secrets  and boy did it go over big .  A lot of bloggers followed her lead and posted their quilt secrets too. WELL confession is good for the soul and here are my 10 Quilty Secrets.
1.  I am proud to say that I only have about 12 UFO’s that I need to finish.
2 .  I have in the past had my used rotary cutter blades re- sharpened.
3 .  I really wanted this gadget, the Quilter’s FabriCalc  that I have yet to use.
4 . I am  getting better at switching out my sewing machine needles.
5 .  I love shopping for new fabric if it is for a special quilt project.
6 .  Sometimes I will use pretty sheets as backing for my quilts.
7.   I prefer not to work with small fabrics pieces.
8 .  I like the quality of Gutermann thread.
9.  The part that worries me the most about my quilting is the binding, I want it perfect.
10. Since I started taking better care of my sewing machine it sews better.
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Summer will soon be a  memory and Fall is right around the corner. And I am hoping for a great time this weekend at the high school class reunion. 

Peace, love, and art.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Delta Fair And Music Festival

delta fair and musical festial

Event Details
Delta Fair and Musical Festival
August 29, 2014---Sept. 7 2014
7777 Walnut Grove Rd.
Memphis, Tn. 38120

Visit   Delta Fair  website for ticket information .

This will  be my first time to exhibit my work at the Delta Fair.  I have 3 entries  in the crafts category . Keeping my fingers crossed.  It would be so nice to win the favor of the judges and bring home a prize.
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Peace, love, and art,

Friday, August 08, 2014

Photo Book on my Quilts

my photo quilt book

I am excited  that  I finally decided on a title for the photo book on my quilts.

   My working title is:   
I  am self-publishing  using the internet website  I am enjoying working with this self publishing platform.  Check it out and let me know what you think?
This will be a photo book and include   personal antidotes, quotes, etc.    I would love any suggestions or comments that you can think of that I might consider.

   I drive by this sign often , today I parked along the curb, snapped picture and said a prayer for peace on earth.


Peace, love, and art,


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