Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday Nite or Die Quilt Bee

Going through my quilt pictures I came across these photos of our quilt bee. I joined in 1999 but the group started long before then. It had a very interesting history brought together by two churches, one black one white. We met for about 4 years every Thrusday night for retreats, quilting, show and tell and fellowship. We didn't die no way!  Health crises, moving, family, stress and day to day life brought our group
to a halt.
                                Carolyn, Marion, Lynn, Me, Myrt
                                Margaret, Marilyn, Debbie

                                  Angie, Marion, Margaret, Chess
                                   Marilyn,  Kim, Kathy, guest
                                  Marilyn's leg's how pretty
                                 Marilyn demonstrating techniques
                                Kathy and future quilter

Peace, Love, and Art


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