Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Jelly Roll 1,600 Quilt and blog update


I got this from my friend Lisa on facebook. She finished a jelly roll quilt at her quilt guild meeting. You can find out more about the technique and complete instructions at

Here is my version with a few changes. I cut my strips 3" inches wide instead of the 2.5" and added a border.  I can see why this would be so much fun to do as a  quilt guild project.

I did not purchase a Jelly Roll but cut my strips 3 inches wide from yardage.

At the machine joining the strips like seewing binding together.

A whole lotta strips joined end to end.

My completed Jelly Roll quilt.  Its's white on white and a Christmas gift.

You may have noticed that I have not posted in several months. When I started this blog I said I would post monthly. I love blogging but think I will post less frequently and include more content within a blog post.

This baby boomer is proud to say I received my Medicare card in the mail.  I am shouting praises for coming this far by faith. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Peace, love, and art,


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