Saturday, August 18, 2012

Food for Body and Soul Quilt Exhibit.

  I finished the quilt for the Food for Body and Soul
quilt exhibit that will be touring the U.S. Profit from the 1905
 Cookbook and quilt exhibits will go to feed the poor. This is the website where you can view all  beautiful quilts.

The 1905 cookbook by Judy Howard

"A Taste of Summer"

 Used free-form piecing and cutting to make the quilt learned from a technique by UK art quilter Alicia Merrett

The watermelon my favorite fruit of summer

                                  Back of quilt and Artistment Statement.

This is what I said. "As summer nears I start drooling for the watermelon my favorite fruit of summer. I remember the wagonloads of watermelons my Grandfather took to the farmers market and the lessons he taught us grandkids on how to pick a good one. I hope this quilt makes you smile and remember the farmers who toll to bring us good Food for Body and Soul".

Granddad passed long ago but I think this quilt would bring a smile to his face. I wonder what he would think about the seedless watermelon today?  I prefer a watermelon with seeds. It's something about seeing the seeds in the meat of the melon that makes me think I am eating the real thing!

Peace, love and art,


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