Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sharing Blog Hop Party Goodies and bits and pieces

Here are pictures of the wonderful packages I received in the mail from the blog hop party in December over at Michele Foster's
blog, http://www.quiltinggallery.com/

                                                           Sleigh full of Goodies

The book "Color and Cloth" fabric and postcards



Sun-Printed fabric and Merit badges


Coordinating fat quarters and pattern

I am a happy camper for winning these goodies and thank the bloggers who sent them to me. I joined bacause I was curious but
never in my wildest imanigation  about being a winner. 

On the home front 2012 is off to a good start. Find time to sew a little bit but spend the bulk of time picking up the pieces
from the restoration work I had done in late Nov. and Dec. new roof, carport ceilings,  and inside ceilings. Most of the damage was from the floods we had in early spring. Overall pleased with the work done and give  credit to my dear brother who
orchestrated all of this.

Classes at the U of M began  on Tuesday and we have been very busy at the bookstore where I am working during rush. The days go by fast and I  am amazed at the price of books today, the average price per semester being $700. But a nice incentive is the buy back option at the 
end of the semester where the student can sell the books back to the store.  This is a great incentive and oh how I wish this was an
option back in my day .

Peace, love, and art,


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