Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Have a Happy Quilting Day

 American Quilt Society Quilt Show here I come. Over the years I have always enjoyed attending this show. This year I will be traveling by bus for a day trip to Paducah. It will be nice to leave the driving to someone else. I am making a shopping list and checking it twice!

March   is National Quilting Month and to celebrate I've decided to offer a giveaway during the month of March. For this giveaway I will be offering 2 winners the fresh quilting puzzle  above that I got over at http://www.interweave.com

I've always loved puzzles even as a child. My mother enjoyed crossword puzzles and my dad put in a few pieces here and
there. I guess that rubbed off on me!  If you like puzzles you will not want to miss this chance to enter the drawing. Before I tell you what you must do to enter, first a little bit about why a crossword puzzle  on a quilting/craft blog.

As quilters,  sewers, and crafters we get a sense of satisfaction when we finish a project. Each project requires us to use the left and right part of our brain The left brain thinks logically and in sequence, while the right brain is creative, intuitive and emotional. We  must decide on shapes, colors, visualize, focus and be alert. How about  think outside of the box and make a quilt where all the pieces are not the same size or shape?  Maybe you are searching for order to complete the project but not sure which way to go?  Well here is where puzzles help, like quilts they tell a story and are food for the brain making you better at what you do.  How many times have you said " I'm going to put this away until I decide what to do."  And besides they are a great family activity.

With the fresh quilting puzzle you will have fun rearranging the pieces to reproduce the original picture. Why not frame it and hang in your studio if you are the winner. Leave a comment by midnight March 17th why you like puzzles and I will choose two people by random number to win this giveaway on March 19th. The winners will be notified via email and announced on this blog post.

Peace, love, and art,

 Krisgray and Strandkorbtraum are the winners of the Fresh Quilting  puzzle giveaway. I appreciate you stopping by during National Quilting Month and do come back again.


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