Friday, April 06, 2012

Wholecloth Quilt

I've  been practicing on  freemotion quilting in between my piecing projects and have learned so much in the online class. This little wholecloth learning piece allows me to follow the lines ( somewhat like doodling  ) and  also will be a nice little quilt when I am finished.  In time I will beable to pick up my speed put the foot to the petal and move a little faster!  When done with  the quilting and binding I am suppose to soak the quilt in cold water to remove the blue ink. Yikes!

I plan to try a new binding technique called back to front binding. In this technique there is no need to cut binding strips
as the backing is cut large enough to allow for folding over to the front to create a nice crisp binding. This is a great technique
for small wall quilts.

16.5" x 16.5"  Basted with  2" steel pins and a running stitch.

At the machine stitching away. Number 12-80 quilting needle and 3.0 stitches per inch. Selected a wide range of colorful threads to create this fun piece.

Peace, love and art,


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