Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Madness Update


Breaking news March 24th 2013: Great jobs U of Memphis Tigers in the NCAA tournaments.

Just seeing these daffodils makes me happy. Just when they started to bloom we had a cold spell .

I have enjoyed reading the Farmers Almanac. Brings back memories of when we would purchased one at a store called A. Schwab in Memphis when I was a child.
 I purchased a copy of this one at Family Dollar for $5.95

                                 And this one at the Hernando library for $1.00.
What's  fun about the Almanac is what they predict about the weather. Here is the prediction for my zone here in Tennessee
What do you think about the association of gardening with your zodiac sign?
I am surprised at the things I didn't know. If you ever find yourself longing for simpler times get a copy of the almanac. You will love the wit and wisdom on gardening, cooking weather, remedies, and more.
Welcome spring, it's only 3 days away. 
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