Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Towel for the Tea Towel Challenge

This is the tea towel I will use for the center medallion  tea towel quilt challenge  over here
 The tea towel belonged to my mama. When I learned about the challenge I quickly went to the dinning room chest hoping to find the perfect towel.  I am sure the towel was a gift from one of mama's students. They even had her name embroidered on the towel.

I think I will call this quilt "Tending the Flock" because Mama did that for 30+ years teaching young minds in the city schools. She would be happy that I repurposed the towel for a  quilt

I want a stripe border and liked the stripe fabric in the upper right the best.
The challenge ask to try a new technique so I will make the fast finish triangles for hanging the quilt. 
How about these yo yo's for embellishment?  The chicks,  a gift from


 Below are alterations I finished today, which means a little extra change for guilty stuff.  They belong to a friend who was my second grade teacher. What a blessing to be 99 years young!!

Peace, love, and art


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