Friday, May 09, 2014

Great News

I had totally forgotten about  Sheryl's "Craft It Now"  book giveway that I entered. You can imagine my memory lapse when I received the email. 

 Sheryl set out in January  2014 to take one photo a day for a year. She has a lot going on and I will share more with you when my book arrives.  You can find her blog here 

This is what she wrote:

Hi Angela,

You just won my "Craft it Now" book giveaway! If you could give me an address where you'd like the book sent to, I'll get it off in the mail this week.
Thanks for entering and I hope you enjoy the book!
I've been trying to email you. I hope you get this!


Sheryl Hastings

A wish for happiness to all of you on Mothers Day.

Peace, love, and art,



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