Thursday, October 04, 2012

Day at the Zoo and Staycation Fabric Postcard

I love the Memphis Zoo. It is located in beautiful Overton Park on 70 acres.  I went on  free admission day and have fond memories of the school field trips, walking through the open gates , the fear of getting lost and mimicking the sound of the animals as a teenager.  My random visit to the Zoo set me on a path to create a fabric postcard for the staycation postcard challenge over here see photo below.

This year the Zoo  received a major award for International Conservation by the (AZA)American  Zoo Association.


And is Memphis highest attended attraction.


I'm happily drifting here in cat country.   


Beautiful flowers and plants can be seen all over.


At one time the Zoo was known as the hippo breeding capital of the world.


Interesting elephant fact. They live in a complex social herd dominated by a matriarch, usually a female for 50 or more years.


Can you find the bald eagle?


This Giraffe was grazing on the grass.


Peeking through the screen is a "Mona" monkey which sounds like a girls name doesn’t it?  She is overacting by making strange sounds in front of the visitors.


White Pelican birds basking in the sun.


Lots of beautiful art work on display by city school kids.


I don’t know how you can buy the sky?  But this is a profound
and beautiful environmental statement.


Back home my visit to the Zoo guided this staycation fabric postcard. I used fabric from stash, fibers and embellishments to create this card. Inspiration can come from  anywhere and in unexpected places.    

100_0346 (640x432) (640x432)

Peace, love, and art,


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