Monday, May 27, 2013

Walking Pneumonia, Google+

I thought it was the flu but after several days of being in the throws I knew it was something serious. Tried the natural cures like increasing intake of fluids, herbal teas, and fresh fruits but couldn’t fight it. A trip to ER resulted in a three day stay in the hospital.
It can be prevented with the pneumonia vaccine which I did get. So good to be back home, I am on my way to a full recovery.

Decided to expand my audience and sharing publicity on google+ which is a combination of all the great things that google does plus more to come, like gmail, circles, +1, communities, hangouts, photo sharing, mobile, etc.

You can find me here

A short video about Google +

Peace, love, and art

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rip Blackie

The neighbors called yesterday to tell me that you were in their yard. I went there to find you gone to pet heaven. I will miss you my friend. I will miss you, the neighbors will miss you. I will miss you waiting for me to return home from errands. It hurts now but I will be okay.
Peace, love and art,

Monday, May 06, 2013

This made me laugh

   I don't understand it?  Maybe she does like water. I Google "why your cat jumps in the bathtub and found lots of possible answers, like tubs are cool, they feel safe, maybe they are anxious, shaky, or ill. Anyway it was the laugh of the day and I feel better knowing that most commented that it is normal.

Peace, love, and art,


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