Friday, November 02, 2007

Way To Women Wellness Art Bra Challenge

The Way to Women's Wellness Art Bra challenge was created by Victoria Brown at in 2003. The foundation promotes women's health. The 2006
theme was breast cancer. For information contact   I just really really enjoyed
doing this and think my bra is so cool.
My Art Bra

Journal Page
Title: What Color is Your Heart

Techniques: Thread Lace, Beading, Applique, Stamping, Painting
Construction: Handstitched, Embellished Lining
Materials: Fabric Paints, Bows, Buttons, Ribbon, Thread, Fabric, Beads, Yarns
The word heart is the most poetic organ of the body. It is considered the symbolic seat of affection and symbolizes courage. In the Wizard of Oz the tin woodsman is seeking a heart in both senses. Metaphorically you can take to heart, eat your heart out, win the heart, break the heart, wear your heart on your sleeve and warm the cockles of your heart. You can be faint hearted, cold hearted as "Hannah", or young at heart. You can sing Peg O" My Heart, Two Hearts, With Every Beat of My Heart or Heartbreak Hotel. Physicians do not speak metaphorically when they say, "I am going to listen to your heart". Here any poetic meaning in our thoughts, actions, or feelings become remote. Because if you do not take care of your heart, exercise it and protect it from disease, your heart might ATTACK you.

Peace, Love, and Art


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