Monday, January 28, 2008

Odd Eating Habits

We all have our strange eating habits. I get a laugh from the many food idiosyncrasies that people hold on too. One of my biggest food issues is eating canned soup only when I am sick. That's why chicken noodle soup is  a staple in my pantry. Then there is my friend at work that eats all the same thing before moving on to the next thing on her plate. Or how about the person that does not like their food touching, or the person that rolls the spaghetti around on the fork before placing it in their mouth. A really bizarre habit is the person who cuts their meat into small pieces then stabs the cut portion with a knife and then places it in their mouth.

For some people it's the way they eat their food. For others it's the food they eat. What are your strange food habits?

Peace, Love, and Art


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