Monday, January 21, 2013

Celebrate the Dream

day on not off
This has been an amazing day. The Martin Luther King Prayer Breakfast this morning was a stirring moment of reflection, prayer, and sense of purpose. This is the second time MLK day coincided with a Presidential election, the first being Bill Clinton’s second inauguration in 1977.

On his day I am forever reminded  and embrace  Mama’s phone called the day MLK was killed  in Memphis. I was away at college  and she called me and said “Dr. King has been shot while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel here in Memphis and this city is closed and in a state of turmoil". I immediately turned on the radio and later learned that he died.

Enjoy the holiday. I am watching the inaguration.  Keep the dream alive!

Peace, love, and art

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Portfolio’s

I made these folders today for  CAPI (create art portfolio ideas)  artistic journey  here 

We are having power outages here, school closing and terrible road conditions due to  ice and wintery weather conditions .
Enjoying Tuesday, homemade tortilla soups on the menu.
Peace, love, and art,

Easy Light Box Tutorial

100_0509As you see Blackie loves to help me around the house.

I was  pleased with how this  turned out.  Let me know what you think about and any questions you may have on the steps. This was adapted from a youtube tutorial.
 What is a light box?  And why?
A light box helps to isolate your product from the background and places emphasis on detail.  I want to photograph  good pictures for my Etsy shop because they =more sales.    
Here is what you will need to get started:100_0468
1. Ruler with a metal edge, scissors, box cutter, white poster board, craft spray adhesive, white tissue paper or 3 recycled white t shirts

2. A cardboard box .
3. We will be marking guidelines using the width of the ruler on the top and two sides then cutting (removing) the top and  both sides of the box only. No image but it should look like this below.
4. Removing the top flap and two side flaps.

5. To install the poster board you will need to measure the back area of the box as well as the bottom extending out to the flap.
6. Next cut the poster board to correct size.Then use the craft adhesive  to apply the poster board to the back and bottom  including the flap. It is best to spray the poster board as well as the area the board will be attached too. Photo below.

7. Lay tissue paper over sides of your light box to reflect light. I prefer using 3 recycled t- shirts  because the tissue paper is fragile .
8. Finally when you are ready to take a picture of your product you will need to bring light into the camera shot. You can purchase one of those lights that clips onto the table.

9. Now you are ready to shoot great looking images of your products.

Peace, love, and art

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Thanks for the Blog Hop Giveaways

thank you
Michelle over at hosted a blog hop in honor of her sites 5th birthday. I  always enjoy blog hopping  and seeing what everyone is doing and  meeting new friends  too.

I am thankful for the giveaways I won from Kari here, RoseMary here and Annie here
Kari package arrived just as she described in her blog post and is truly a $125.00 value. Yikes! And included a autographed copy of her book “Tidbits from Triangles” Yikes!

Two bundles of Buggy Barn Basics fat quarters from Henry Glass, one Olfa Circle Cutter (awesome tool), these fine patterns from me, one of my books signed, and an out of print 100 Blocks magazine, and possibly some other surprise goodies. Opening this package will be a bit like Christmas morning for a quilter. It's well over a $125.00 value!
RoseMary shared her handmade tussie mussie.

I love all things Victorian and this was a welcome surprise. RoseMary included a note in her package that said “ Angela I hope you enjoy your tussie mussie, you can add anything you like.

My plan is to add a inspirational messages for each week of the 2013 year. One of three resolutions/goals  I will make! This is what I placed in the tussie mussie for the 1st week of January.

“We cannot start over but we can begin now, and make a new ending”.~~Zig Ziglar

Annie at offered blog hoppers who made a comment to her post a copy of her bohemiannie handbag pattern. I have not made the bag yet  but below is  a finished bag.  If you would like this pattern I am sure Annie will be pleased to send you a copy.

Marlene's bohemiannie! bag
I happen to be the winner of Annie’s giveaway and won her Peace, Love, and all things groovy necklace, made  by Annie. No picture available since Annie will be mailing the necklace later.

Thank you Michelle for hosting the blog hops, and thank you Kari, RoseMary, and Annie for sharing your lovely gifts.

To all my friends in blogland I hope you make the New Year a good one. Everyday is a gift and we can choose what we do with it.

Peace, love, and art,

Monday, January 07, 2013

Going into 2013 with Milliande

I have learned through visiting blogs that many artist do a year end review of their work. Some are very complex writings and others very simple. Whichever, they are goals to be accomplished during the course of the year with summations of the year just past.

Facebook even created a 'year in review" feature for it's users. Whether facebook, twitter, or blogs, we have reached the era where all of us are publishers of some sort.

That said,  I am following  in 2013 an awesome I think artistic adventure with
art journals
I really liked the idea of  CAPI as Milliande calls it (create art portfolio ideas) . Simply  put the process is about:
nurturing the muse
exercises to unearth
making discoveries
pondering discoveries
collecting a toolbox as source of inspiration
a process without a set schedule
what am I trying to say with my art

I can’t wait to get started on this adventure. Now to first assignment of making my portfolios. Very excited about this new way of looking and thinking about creating art.
Peace, love, and art,



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