Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Easy Light Box Tutorial

100_0509As you see Blackie loves to help me around the house.

I was  pleased with how this  turned out.  Let me know what you think about and any questions you may have on the steps. This was adapted from a youtube tutorial.
 What is a light box?  And why?
A light box helps to isolate your product from the background and places emphasis on detail.  I want to photograph  good pictures for my Etsy shop because they =more sales.    
Here is what you will need to get started:100_0468
1. Ruler with a metal edge, scissors, box cutter, white poster board, craft spray adhesive, white tissue paper or 3 recycled white t shirts

2. A cardboard box .
3. We will be marking guidelines using the width of the ruler on the top and two sides then cutting (removing) the top and  both sides of the box only. No image but it should look like this below.
4. Removing the top flap and two side flaps.

5. To install the poster board you will need to measure the back area of the box as well as the bottom extending out to the flap.
6. Next cut the poster board to correct size.Then use the craft adhesive  to apply the poster board to the back and bottom  including the flap. It is best to spray the poster board as well as the area the board will be attached too. Photo below.

7. Lay tissue paper over sides of your light box to reflect light. I prefer using 3 recycled t- shirts  because the tissue paper is fragile .
8. Finally when you are ready to take a picture of your product you will need to bring light into the camera shot. You can purchase one of those lights that clips onto the table.

9. Now you are ready to shoot great looking images of your products.

Peace, love, and art

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