Thursday, July 05, 2012

Yoga Mat Bag a Winner

The  yoga mat bag I  made won the craft contest over here
The  theme was recycle or upcycle. My name was randomly pulled and I won a $20 gift card
to the craft store of my choice. Lucky Lucky me. I am so glad I went ahead and shared it. I am getting better at blowing my horn.

Here is a mini dress form I made using Karla's tutorial at

I love her art and will be joining the Fairy Book Swap. We will be creating and decorating 8 tags and sending to Karla for covers and binding.  Not due until September if you would like to join.

Faerie book swap button

Here is cousin Carrolyn from her visit last month. We had so much fun and visited with Rose our other cousin (middlle) who was scheduled for hip surgery the next day. That's me on  far right with summer hairstyle braids and Ike in front. Since then Rose is doing A plus okay and back to her normal self.


We have not had rain in a month of Sundays. The current temperature is 101. It is extremely dry and looks like we will pick up a chance for rain tonight. I will take any rain we can get.

Peace, love, and art,


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