Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mad about March

March has been  exciting  so far. And I have a feeling it is going to last . Started out by going to see “Quilters A Musical”  a play about a pioneer woman and her 6 daughters unified by quilting, and afterwards a wonderful dinner with friends.

quilters the musical1

I am pumped up and ready to watch the NCAA basketball tournaments. Sunday was the official start of March Madness .  I will be keeping up with the teams from now through April while sewing.

Sew wise February was a great month for early morning sewing. Usually don't get around to sewing until early afternoon so early morning sewing was a plus for putting a dent in my projects.

Made fabric for the boheannie hand bag.  You can see the pattern over here  I received a lovely “peace, love, and all things groovy necklace” in the mail from Annie.  Will wear  it when I carry my handbag and may even try my hand at some peace earrings.  The birthday cards, calls, and gifts keep coming and that makes me happy.


Good progress on the “Rainbow” baby quilt for the girlfriend grand baby due April 10. Need a border and then on to quilting. Will include the triangles in the border.


Number 7 of 12 blocks I am making to go in a Christmas quilt.


And then the tea towel for the tea towel medallion quilt . This is a must finish by March 29th and I am 3/4 done.

Gosh I have a finish that I almost forgot. A sofa quilt for cuddling while  watching TV. Made from the "top draw' fabric line  and it is a beauty.

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  Have a great week and thanks for stoppping by.                                                                         

Peace, love, and art,



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