Saturday, May 07, 2011

Davies Manor Quilt And Fiber Arts Show

First time visitor and you bet I will be there next year. The show was held in November 2010 a bit late
posting . Davies Manor is the oldest log and chink house in Shelby County. It was filled with antique and vintage quilts and tops from pre-civil war  through 1960.
On the plantation grounds is Hillwood, a barn where all the action was with quilts, demos, sewing and vendors. At Hillwood and in the Manor house visitors could vote on their favorite quilts. This trip inspired me to join a quilt guild. Don't know which one yet. I have several quilt buddies who have invited me to join in with them.  I learned what a  pie safe was see photo below. Found out they were used during this era (civil war) to store leftover food, mostly sweets. If you look closely there are teeny tiny holes in the doors to allow to circulate.

                                          Davies Manor Plantation
             Ina, the docent standing at the pie safe in the kitchen of the manor house

                      Moses cabin filled with Underground Railroad quilts

        Spinning Loom in the Gotten Cabin with spinners and weavers doing their thing

Peace, Love, and Art


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