Monday, January 07, 2013

Going into 2013 with Milliande

I have learned through visiting blogs that many artist do a year end review of their work. Some are very complex writings and others very simple. Whichever, they are goals to be accomplished during the course of the year with summations of the year just past.

Facebook even created a 'year in review" feature for it's users. Whether facebook, twitter, or blogs, we have reached the era where all of us are publishers of some sort.

That said,  I am following  in 2013 an awesome I think artistic adventure with
art journals
I really liked the idea of  CAPI as Milliande calls it (create art portfolio ideas) . Simply  put the process is about:
nurturing the muse
exercises to unearth
making discoveries
pondering discoveries
collecting a toolbox as source of inspiration
a process without a set schedule
what am I trying to say with my art

I can’t wait to get started on this adventure. Now to first assignment of making my portfolios. Very excited about this new way of looking and thinking about creating art.
Peace, love, and art,



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