Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UFO Quilts

A goal for 2011 is to finished some of the quilts I have started and did not finish.  A recent count I found 10  UFO's  here are a few. Not as bad as I thought it was!

                                                        Soul's Journey

                                                          African Mystery
                                                             97 Florals

                                                        Chinese Lanterns

Peace, Love, and Art

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Altered Book Round Robin


Images from my first altered book 2003 with players form Images of Color Stamp
Artist (IOSCA) and second altered book 2007 which I hosted with the same group

by Shimoda

                                                      by Pennie Thomas

                                               by Sandy Mayfield
                                         for Barbara Bass by Angela

Peace, Love, and Art


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fiber Postcard Exchange

These are the beautiful fiber postcards sent to me during Black History Month from
members of the African American yahoo quilt group.
Jocelyn Hurbert (Pearl Bailey)
Julius Bremer (Obama)
Karen Lemmons(Seneca Village)
Laura Casmore (Juneteenth)

Jeanette Bayliss (Nancy Green)

Marlene O'Bryant Seabrook ( The Great Escape)
Nadine Mills (Elizabeth Keckly)
Rosa Walls (Motown)
Rosie Chapman (Thomas E. Gilmore)
Rosa Walls (Augusta Braxton Baker)
Maguerity McCray (Rosa Parks
Angela Moore (NAACP)
Lenora Brown (Rosa Parks)

Peace, Love, and Art


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