Friday, November 16, 2007

Journal Quilt 2007

Follow this link to see my journal quilt that was on display at the International
Quilt Festival in Houston.
Look for my quilt on page 6. Gosh I can see things that I could have done better. Don't
you just hate it when you finish a project and then find flaws. That's a part of growing
I guess!

Artist Statement

Angela F. Moore

Memphis, Tennessee

USA: Moonlight Over Mount Baobab

Creative techniques used: discharging (p266); shiva paintsticks (90); threadpaint (p71)

Seeing the California Mountains for the first time was breathtaking! For this quilt I wanted to capture the synergy of a beautiful mountain with the moon shinning. I began my journal quilt by selecting a piece of blue green African inspired fabric for the quilt background. Then I began playing around with different fabrics to support the focus fabric and I came up with using different shades of orange.

Using gold iridescent Shiva Paintsticks I added texture to the background using corrugated cardboard as a rubbing plate. I knew I wanted to experiment wihth discharging black fabric for creating the moon. My second attempt was better than the first. I think the beaded leaf vines using bugle and seed beads add dimension to the composition. To make the mountain I drew a simple shape and centered it over the moon and zigzagged it in place. Then I sewed gold sequins and seed beads on the mountain for added texture. The free motion quilting on the mountain with rayon thread and the wavy quilted lines on the blue green background with metallic thread complement each other.

In the early stages of making the quilt I came upon my horoscope that described me as a "Baobab tree blooming under moonlight when I do my best collaboration work". The Baobab tree is native to Africa and Australia, hence the name Moonlight Over Mount Baobab. After reading this I added the tree. The tree was sketched on two sheets of Sulky Solvy and threadpainted. Adding the tree was another way to set the tone for the quilt. The discovery I made was I like the ease of sewing, weight, and look of using unbleached muslin for the middle layer of the quilt. For sometime I have wanted to collaborate with this group. I am glad I did and learned a lot in the process.

Peace, Love, and Art

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