Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yoga Bag

This yoga bag was inspired by a bag I saw on Pintrest. I used a pair of my dad's jeans . I'd love to share how I made it if  you need a bag for your yoga mat.

                     Embellished with merit badges Charlene sent.

  I  was surprised how it turned out.  Love taking it to my yoga class because it keeps my dad close to my heart  and his memory alive.

Peace, love, and art,



  1. I like it! A great way to upcycle and keep it personal.

  2. Thanks to you. A truly upcycled project.

  3. I would love to make a yoga bag like yours, would you share how you did it? Enjoy reading your post.

  4. I am glad you like it and happy to share how I did it. It worked up very easy using a serger for the bottom and side seam. I used a pair of my dad's jeans and you will want to select a pair that will have enough leg room to fit the mat when it is rolled up for carrying. I think the mats are all standard measuring 24x64 inches.
    Take your jeans lay them out on a table to straighten making sure the waistbands meets at the top edges. On one leg measure from top of waistband 28 1/2 inches down, mark and cut off the excess.You will have something that looks like a tube.
    Working from inside leg seam cut from bottom of leg up to and including waistband. ( zipper is not a part of this) Now fold the pants leg together and you will see that you need to take a ruler draw a straight line from top to bottom and cut on this line to make the sides even.

    Serge bottom seam. Serge side seam stopping about 4 inches below waistband.
    Fold waistband in half to make casing for the drawstring.
    From remaining leg cut a strip about 6 inches wide and 26 inches long, fold in half, serge top and side seam. This strap is included in the seam allowance when you serge the bottom of the leg in step 3. Placement of strap is on leg back below waistband and close to side seam.

    That's all there is to it. You may want to add appliques to embellish. I like it because it will have pockets in back and front for keys, id cards, etc. You may find as you are working on this a easier way to do it.


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