Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Color and You

Here is a list of colors and what they mean.

Red: leadership, perseverance, strength. You are intense, impulsive, competitive, daring, aggressive, passionate. Because it stimulates appetite, it's a natural for dining rooms and kitchens.

Orange: social activity, enthusiasm, freedom. You are good-natured, extroverted, gregarious, charming.

Yellow: communication, diplomacy, clarity, humor, open-mindedness. You are involved, concerned, fastidious, kind, generous.

Blue: honesty, intelligence, tranquility, spirituality, You are conservative, even-tempered, reliable, cook, confident. Shades from sky to navy induce calm.

Indigo (navy) perceptive, steadfast, purifying. You are intuitive, receptive, spiritual

Violet: power, creativity, mystery. You are imaginative, unconventional, witty, enigmatic.

What's your favorite color?

(adapted from "Healing With Color Zone Therapy and Colors fro your Every Mood"

Peace, Love, and Art

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